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Learn More About Statewide Energy Efficiency Achievements in Connecticut

Statewide Energy Efficiency Dashboard

For more than a decade, Connecticut has been ranked as one of the top states in the nation for energy efficiency. Our energy-efficiency programs have helped small and large businesses, homeowners and renters, and state and local governments manage their energy use and costs.

These programs and services are administered and delivered by Connecticut’s electric and gas utilities, which provide the energy expertise to help their customers save energy and money.  Funding comes from customers through the Combined Public Benefits Charge on their electric bill and through a conservation charge included in natural gas rates.

During the course of the year, the Energy Efficiency Board evaluates and consults with the utility companies on how the energy-efficiency programs are structured and delivered. In conjunction with the EEB, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority regulates the utility companies and reviews and approves the Fund’s energy-efficiency programs annually.

Achieving top ranking in the nation takes a concerted effort from all involved, and to ensure we stay on track and meet our ambitious energy saving goals, we have developed a summary dashboard of our ongoing achievements. The dashboard affords regulators, legislators, advisors and the general public a snapshot of how well the programs are performing.

With user-friendly graphs, the Dashboard shows overall program performance combined, by company and by sector (residential vs. business); and, in terms of both expenditures and savings against budgets and goals.

To visit the dashboard website click on the Enter Dashboard button below or follow this link.


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