Demand Response

Earn rewards for helping reduce peak demand.

Smart energy use is not just about how much you use, but when you use it. You could earn rewards for using your smart devices to help lower peak demand, which reduces strain on the grid and keeps carbon emissions and energy costs low for everyone.

Help keep energy costs low

Demand response helps relieve strain on the electrical grid by making small adjustments to Wi-Fi connected devices to reduce energy use during times of peak demand. These adjustments have little to no impact on comfort, but by bringing together the power of thousands of devices we can make a big difference.

Lowering demand helps extend the life of grid infrastructure and reduces the need for replacements and repairs, keeping energy costs low. Times of peak demand are also when carbon emissions are highest because they require additional power generation from dirtier fuels. By enrolling your eligible Wi-Fi connected devices, you can earn incentives for helping reduce carbon emissions and keep energy costs low for everyone.

How it works

Step 1

Get started by learning more about eligible devices and incentives offered by your utility:

Eversource ConnectedSolutions

Step 2

Work with your utility to apply and enroll your eligible device.

Eversource ConnectedSolutions

Once enrolled, your utility will call on your device when a peak demand event is expected and adjust the energy it uses. For example, the temperature setting on your Wi-Fi thermostat may be raised 2-3 degrees, or the utility may discharge the clean energy stored by the battery connected to your home solar system to avoid using energy generated by fossil fuels. 

After enrolling, no action is needed on your part. In most cases you won’t even notice the adjustments and you always have the option to opt-out. 

Step 3

In many cases you’ll earn a reward for enrolling your device and then another reward at the end of the year, every year you remain enrolled. Rewards will be in the form of either online gift cards or a check. Incentives vary by device, so consult your utility’s web pages for each device for full details.

Eligibility and contact

Residential electric customers in Connecticut with eligible devices are eligible to participate.

For more information or questions contact your utility:


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