Energy Savings Plan for Eversource Residents

Customized Energy Information and Saving Recommendations at Your Fingertips

Understanding how your home uses energy is the first step to improving comfort and lowering your energy bills. Our Energy Savings Plan is a free, interactive, online planning tool that empowers you with ways to save energy and money.

This tool uses your account information and answers to a few short questions to build you a customized plan to lower your energy use and save money while protecting our planet.

You’ll be able to view easy-to-read charts that show your energy usage month by month and by category – such as lighting and refrigeration. You’ll also be able to compare your home’s energy usage to similar homes in your area. Eversource.com will provide you with the energy-saving recommendations and the resources you need to take action and start saving right away.

Please visit Eversource.com. From there, select "Connecticut" for your region, > then "Save Money & Energy" > then Energy Savings Plan. Click on "CREATE MY ENERGY SAVINGS PLAN" to get started. Once you log in to your account, or register as a new user, you will have access to everything you need to make smart energy choices – and save money and energy. 

Eversource Savings Recommendations Pie Chart
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