Natural Gas Water Heating Rebate

Rebates for High-Efficiency Storage or On-Demand Natural Gas Water Heating Equipment

With efficiencies of up to 85 percent or more, installing high-efficiency natural gas water heating equipment is a smart way for businesses to save gas and cut energy costs. Rebates let you enjoy the energy-saving benefits without paying a premium price.

Upgrade and See Recognizable Energy Savings

When it comes to high-efficiency natural gas water heating equipment, you have two great choices. A high-efficiency domestic storage unit provides better insulation, heat traps and more efficient burners than traditional models. An on-demand (tankless) domestic water heater provides hot water when you need it without the use of a storage tank. Both are capable of reaching thermal efficiencies of 85 percent or more.

With an on-demand, or tankless water heater, the gas burner is activated by the flow of water whenever a hot water faucet is turned on. The water heater delivers a constant supply of hot water until the faucet is turned off. No water is stored, so standby heat losses are low. These water heaters can be installed centrally or at the point of use.

Commercial water heaters can consume a considerable amount of energy, accounting for about 16 percent of the total energy load in food service and health care facilities and more than 30 percent in hotels. Upgrading to a higher-efficiency water heater can result in recognizable energy savings.

The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund enables you to install high-performance natural gas water heating equipment without a premium price. Rebates for qualifying equipment make it affordable to save energy and improve comfort and performance. Whether you’re replacing old equipment or installing it in new construction, you'll save money up front.

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How to Apply

Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

Getting started is easy.

Step 1 -

Work with your HVAC contractor to install a qualifying energy-efficient unit that works best for you. Refer to the rebate application website for details on qualifying units and pre-approval requirements. Pre-approval before installation from your participating utility will be required if the rebate total is greater than $7,500.

Step 2 -

We encourage you to apply online - the quickest way to obtain your rebate!

Click the link to your natural gas utility below:

CNG      SCG    Eversource

For mail-in rebates, submit your rebate application with required documentation. Rebates are per-unit fixed amounts paid directly to customers.

Call 1-844-342-4575 with rebate questions or for more information. 

Who is Eligible

Rebates are available to industrial, commercial and institutional customers on firm gas rates. Equipment must be installed in the service territory of CNG, SCG or Eversource.

Eligible systems are commercial and industrial high-efficiency gas heating equipment. Steam boilers are not eligible. Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible.

Starting the process is easy. Click the link to your natural gas utility below:

CNG       SCG      Eversource

If you are a Connecticut business and are not served by one of the utilities listed above, please visit your utility’s website to see what energy efficiency programs are available to you. Please click here for information on how to contact your municipal utility.

Call 1-844-342-4575 with rebate questions or for more information. 

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