Energize CT COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Program Update

COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Programs Update
A message from Eversource, CNG, SCG and UI regarding Energy Efficiency Program Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

COVID-19 - On-Premise Energy Efficiency Programs Update

For a period of time, the Companies suspended all on-premise vendor contracted energy efficiency services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While energy reductions achieved by the energy efficiency programs help improve long-term public health, the COVID-19 pandemic concerns facing our communities take precedence. Given updated regional and federal communications and recent guidance, we have resumed only energy efficiency work which can be safely implemented. All services are being delivered based on health and safety guidelines. 

This webpage was created to provide real-time communications to important business partners. We have archived the previous version of Frequently Asked Questions, which you can find here. Current and still relevant Frequently Asked Questions are provided below.

Please visit our Trade Ally page for more information, including links to the health and safety guidelines.

Update February 3, 2021

Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) issued a ruling that will extend the enrollment period for the COVID-19 Payment Program for all customers through April 20, 2021. Everyone is eligible for the Covid-19 Payment Program and no initial payment is required.  Enrolling in and remaining current with a Covid-19 Payment Plan prevents shut off.   Please see the information below or call to inquire about hardship protection or a Covid-19 Payment Plan. 

Update September 8, 2020

All public service utilities have suspended disconnections for non-payment through at least October 1, 2020 for all residential customers, and May 1, 2021 for customers with qualifying financial or medical hardships. Please review our available payment plan options and financial assistance programs to help you manage your energy costs, including the new COVID-19 Payment Program. 

Update October 21, 2020

Connecticut's Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) issued a ruling that will extend the enrollment period for the COVID-19 Payment Program for non-residential customer through November 1, 2020. The enrollment period for the COVID-19 Payment Program for both residential and non-residential customers will now extend through November 1, 2020.

Visit our utilities’ COVID-19 webpages below for more information.

Energize CT COVID-19 FAQs

Eversource and the United Illuminating (UI), Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG), and Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG), subsidiaries of AVANGRID, Inc., (Companies) are committed to providing our customers with outstanding energy efficiency services.

Q. If a customer is having difficulty paying their EE loan who should they contact? (NEW 4/23/2020) 
A. Eversource and United Illuminating customers who are unable to make their energy efficiency loan payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, should reach out to their respective loan servicer to discuss what options may be available.   Connecticut customers that participate in the utility’s on-bill repayment programs (HES Payment Plan, Energize CT Heating Loan and Small Business Energy Advantage Loan Program) should reach out directly to their utility as follows: 

Eversource customers should call 1-800-286-2000

UI customers should call 1-877-WISE USE (1-877-947-3873) 

Q: Can 2019 rebate applications still be submitted? (NEW 4/1/2020)
A: The rebate submission deadline for services or equipment purchased and installed prior to December 31, 2019 has been extended to September 30, 2020. Complete the application following the instructions on the rebate form and submit as directed. No additional steps are required. Please contact your Eversource or AVANGRID program administrator or 877-WISE-USE with questions.

Q: Will Eversource and AVANGRID employees working remotely create any delays in processing payments? (Updated 4/1/2020)
A: We are working remotely, and all have access to our systems and do not foresee any delays.  Please reach out to your Eversource and AVANGRID contacts if you have questions.

Q: Who can we contact if we have pressing questions on a specific project?
A: Please reach out to your Eversource and AVANGRID contacts if you have questions about specific projects and cannot find an answer within this FAQs document.

Q: Is there an official notice to send to customers? (NEW 3/25/2020)
A: The Companies have COVID-19 pages on their company websites.  Please visit those pages and share with your customers if they need more specific details:

View Archived COVID-19 Information to review previous updates. 

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