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Thinking About Switching Electric Suppliers? Here is 'Must Know' Information
The Connecticut Public Utilities Reglatory Authority (PURA) provides this page to:Help you make an informed decision about generation supply rates and offers for your home or business;Understand the process for selecting a supplier or returning to Standard Service supply; and,Understand the information on your electric bill.

What Makes Up Your Electric Bill?

PURA wants consumers to know the costs that are recovered through the electric bill.

Video: Understand Your Eversource Electric Bill

Video: Understand Your United Illuminating Electric Bill


When looking for ways to lower your electric bill, it is very important to understand your bill, how to mangage your generation supply rates, and that the choice of a supplier does not affect your delivery charges.  There are two parts to your bill, described below.

  • Delivery charges - fully regulated and not open to competition, delivery charges cover items such as distribution, transmission, and public benefits charge.

PURA recently suspended a rate increase to the Eversource delivery charges that was effective on July 1, 2020 and will reexamine that increase in Docket Number 20-01-01. 

  • Generation supply charges - deregulated and open to competition from licensed suppliers. Generation supply charges reflect the cost of the electricity you use.

If you choose an electric supplier to lower your generation supply cost PURA strongly encourages you to follow your contract rate and term to avoid increases that can occur when the contract ends.  The supply rate and other contract information, your Supply Summary, are displayed on the first page of your residential electric bill.  The second tab on this page (below) includes the information you need to understand your Supply Summary.  Please take a moment to review this information.  Contact PURA at 800-382-4586 if you need help understnding the Supply Summary.

Supply Summary - First Page Of Residential Electric Bill

Important information that is displayed on your electric bill.  UI and Eversource customers are urged to regularly review this information.  E-Bill customers and those who have automatic payment arrangements must open the billing statement to view this information.

Suppliers are required to provide information about your residential generation supply contract to UI and Eversource that must be displayed on the first page of your electric bill.  Suppliers are responsible for the accuracy of this data.

The Supply Summary includes:

  • Supplier contact information;
  • Supplier's current generation supply rate;
  • Supplier's contract term and expiration;
  • Supplier's Next Cycle Rate - the rate you will be charged in your next consumption period;
  • The Eversource or UI Standard Service generation supply rate;
  • A comparison of the total amount charged by the supplier and what you would be charged at the Standard Service rate.

If "Not Provided" is displayed anywhere in the summary, you can contact your supplier to request the information or contact PURA. If you have questions about electric suppliers or the Supply Summary or wish to file a complaint you can call PURA's Consumer Affairs Unit toll-free at (800) 382-4586 or contact PURA electronically.

UI Supply Summary

  1. Contact Information: Your Supplier's information;
  2. Supplier Rate: The generation rate charge per kilowatt-hour by the Supplier;
  3. Next Cycle Rate: The Supplier rate for your next usage period;
  4. Term: How many billing cycles the Supplier rate will be assessed;
  5. Expiration: The meter read date the Supplier rate expires;
  6. Cancellation Fee: The fee for ending a Supplier contract prior to its expiration;
  7. Standard Service Rate: The current UI generation rate;
  8. Term: The duration of the Standard Service rate;
  9. Expiration: The date that the Standard Service rate expires;
  10. Your Supplier Charge: The total charge from your Supplier;
  11. UI Standard Service Comparison: The amount you would have paid at the UI Standard Service rate;
  12. Supply Summary: Informs you that your Supplier provides UI the information that is listed and that you should review for accuracy;
  13. Return to Standard Service: How to return to the Standard Service rate. 



Eversource Supply Summary

Enrolling with a Supplier - Understanding the Process

Customers are often told that switching to a supplier can take one or two meter cycles or up to two months.  Here are the facts.

The process is designed to switch an account on the customer's next scheduled meter reading date if the enrollment is submitted in time to make the switch.  So it's important to know when your meter will be read.  Your meter read date and meter cycle number is on your utility bill - see sample bills below.

Fact: Enrollments are NOT SUBMITTED on the day that you speak with a supplier:

  • Suppliers must hold an enrollment for three days in case the customer chooses to cancel.  Customers can cancel without penalty during this time.
  • Once the supplier submits the enrollment, Eversource and UI need two business days to process it.  Weekends and holidays are NOT considered business days.
  • These safeguards are intended to protect consumers.

Fact: It is best to plan for TEN BUSINESS DAYS before your meter read date to enroll with a supplier or to switch from supplier-to-supplier:

It might appear that a customer can enroll five days before their meter reading and expect the switch to be processed and become effective with the next meter reading.  Under ideal conditions this may occur.  However, the supplier might not submit an enrollment immediately after the three day cancellation period or may submit the enrollment immediately after the cancellation period which could fall on a Saturday (non-business day) or later in the day on say a Friday, before a Monday holiday (Saturday, Sunday and Monday being non-business days).  These and other scenarios will require more than five business days to successfully process an enrollment.

  • To assure that an enrollment happens on the next scheduled meter reading PURA recommends that customers enroll at least TEN BUSINESS DAYS before their scheduled meter read date.
  • If you enroll too close to your next scheduled meter read date the enrollment may not be processed in time for the switch.
  • In this case, the utility will hold the enrollment and it will NOT BE PROCESSED until the following month's meter reading.

Fact: PURA recommends the following:

  • Ask the supplier when the enrollment will be processed.
  • Follow up with your utility a few days after speaking with the supplier to assure that the enrollment has been received and processed.

Fact: You must provide accurate infomation:

  • Eversource customers must provide their account number, name key and service reference number.
  • UI customers must provide their account number, name key and POD Identification number.
  • Customers must provide ACCURATE ACCOUNT INFORMATION or the enrollment will be delayed.

Eversource Residential Bill - Meter Reading Information - Page 2

UI Residential Bill - Meter Reading Information - Page 1


Standard Service Generation Supply & Offers From Licensed Suppliers

Standard Service is the generation supply option offered by Eversource and UI. Standard Service rates change on January 1st and July 1st and remain fixed for 6 months.

The Standard Service rates are announced about 45 days before they become effective and are posted on the EnergizeCT.com Rate Board and each utility’s website when they are approved.

Standard Service rates reflect the actual cost paid by Eversource and UI to purchase electricity.  As a result, Eversource and UI do not earn a profit by providing Standard Service generation supply.

Suppliers are licensed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority and offer an alternative to Eversource and UI Standard Service generation supply. You can compare supplier offers on Connecticut's official generation supply Rate Board on EnergizeCT.com.

Your Account Information, Cancellation & Enrollment Fees

Protect your account information as you would your Social Security or credit card numbers. It is not necessary to provide your account information unless you are ready to enroll. Standard Service customers may request a do-not-switch block to prevent unauthorized switching, aka “slamming”. If you want to switch to a supplier you must call your utility company to remove the do-not-switch block from your account.

Be aware of cancellation and enrollment fees. Enrollment fees can vary and are payable upon enrollment. Residential cancellation fees are capped at $50. Business cancellation fees are not capped.

How To Return To Standard Service Generation Supply

Residential customers can return to Eversource or UI Standard Service at any time by contacting Eversource or UI directly. Check your contract or check with your electric supplier about any early termination fees.

Residential customers can choose to return to Standard Service within 72 hours or on their next meter read date. Requesting to return to Standard Service through your supplier could delay the transfer one to two billing cycles.

Business customers are returned to Standard Service on the next meter read date.

Rate Plans & Renewable Energy

After October 1, 2015, suppliers cannot offer variable rate plans to residential customers.

All residential plans must be fixed for at least four billing cycles; be aware of the terms and conditions of your contract (start/end date, etc.).

Residents who renewed or enrolled in variable rate contracts and did not switch to a fixed rate plan prior to October 1, 2015 can be billed variable rates; check the summary information on your bill.

Business customers are not affected by the ban on variable rates.

All electricity sold in CT must meet the state’s minimum renewable energy requirement. 21% for 2016, increasing to 27% by 2020. Some suppliers offer plans that exceed CT’s minimum renewable energy requirement.

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